IMG Enterprises


IMG Enterprises, LLC is a mortgage backed securities (MBS) consulting firm based in Petaluma, California that specializes in assessing the strength and impact of mortgage crisis-related litigation.  From providing a high-level overview of the bellwether cases to drilling down into specific securitization contract rights, IMG delivers tailored legal analysis of the issues that matter the most to its clients.

Since 2010, IMG has provided its clients with legal research and expert services to help them navigate the array of legal and regulatory issues affecting mortgage finance.  With particular expertise in:

  • Securitization contract rights;
  • Industry participant impact reports;
  • Regulatory and legal landscape affecting foreclosures and servicing;
  • Loan file access and analysis;
  • Strength of putback claims and defenses; and
  • Probabilistic analysis of loss severities and potential judgments.

IMG Enterprises, LLC
720 Vanessa Way
Petaluma, CA 94952

Note: though research and analysis provided by IMG Enterprises is legal in nature, IMG does not provide legal advice nor legal representation to its clients, not does it provide investment advice or opine on the advisability of buying, selling or otherwise investing in any security.  For matters requiring legal advice or representation, please see Legal Practice.


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