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WTBTF Book Tour Day 2: Meeting, Marketing and Mentoring in Manhattan

I woke Tuesday morning, Nov. 8 on the second day of the Way Too Big to Fail book tour to the news that Kathy Patrick, legal architect of Bank of America’s Hail Mary Countrywide settlement (background here and here), had … Continue reading

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$8.5 Billion BofA Settlement of Countrywide Trusts Raises Questions for Investors on Sidelines

As more details emerge about Bank of America’s proposed $8.5 billion settlement with Kathy Patrick’s bondholder group and Bank of New York Mellon (“BoNY”) as Trustee, the deal looks even worse for Countrywide RMBS investors.  Now, it is apparent that … Continue reading

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Breaking News: BofA Close to Reaching $8.5 bn Settlement with BlackRock, PIMCO (100th Post)

As part of the Subprime Shakeout’s 100th Post (woo-hoo!), I bring you an analysis of some big, breaking news: today, the Wall Street Journal reported that Bank of America was closing in on an agreement with the investor group led … Continue reading

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Bank of America Fires Off Response to BlackRock and PIMCO Demand Letter, Accuses Lawyer of "Ulterior Agenda"

In a response that can only be described as indignant, Bank of America fired back on November 4 at the group of investors that demanded that Countrywide/BofA repurchase loans in connection with $47 billion worth of private-label mortgage backed securities.  … Continue reading

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Full Text of BlackRock, PIMCO Letter to Bank of New York and Bank of America Available

Below, please find the full text of the letter sent by Kathy Patrick and the law firm of Gibbs & Bruns to Bank of New York and BofA/Countrywide on behalf of private label mortgage investors, including BlackRock, PIMCO, MetLife, Freddie … Continue reading

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