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Mortgage Lit Roundup: Five Signs That Plaintiffs Are Winning the RMBS War

A lot can happen in a few months.  I’ve largely taken a break from blogging over the last quarter, as the demands of becoming a new father and joining a new law firm (see “Legal Practice” link in the header) … Continue reading

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Barron’s Article Pulls No Punches in Assessing Bank Putback Liability

If you’re looking for a great primer on the latest developments in the legal saga over who will ultimately bear the losses for the detritus that passed as subprime and Alt-A mortgage loans from 2004 to 2007, check out this … Continue reading

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New Evidence Shows Loan-to-Value Ratio Contributed Most Heavily to Mortgage Meltdown

An article published in the Wall St. Journal this week by Stan Liebowitz posits a purportedly new take on the causes of the mortgage meltdown. Liebowitz’s analysis of recent data on millions of individual loans published by McDash Analytics, a … Continue reading

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