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Mortgage Lit Roundup: Five Signs That Plaintiffs Are Winning the RMBS War

A lot can happen in a few months.  I’ve largely taken a break from blogging over the last quarter, as the demands of becoming a new father and joining a new law firm (see “Legal Practice” link in the header) … Continue reading

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My Take On Newly Filed AG Foreclosure Settlement: As Bad As We Thought It Was

“They are who we THOUGHT they were — and we let ’em off the hook!” This famous postgame rant from former Arizona Cardinals coach Denny Green after his team’s epic meltdown on Monday Night Football against the Bears could just … Continue reading

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New Century Debtors’ Complaints Against KPMG Now Available

The two complaints filed April 1 against KPMG, one against the U.S. arm of the Big Four accounting firm in federal court in Los Angeles and the other in federal court in New York against its parent, KPMG International, are … Continue reading

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KPMG Sued for $1 Billion Over New Century Meltdown

Two separate lawsuits were filed yesterday against Netherlands-based Big Four accounting giant, KPMG International, and its U.S. subsidiary, KPMG LLP, alleging that KPMG conducted “reckless and grossly negligent audits” that contributed to the collapse of top subprime lender New Century … Continue reading

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Senate to Consider Bill That Threatens to Obliterate Mortgage Bondholders’ Contract Rights

On March 5, 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 1106, also known as the “Helping Families Save Their Homes Act of 2009,” which threatens to override the contract rights of bondholders who invested in mortgage-backed securities (MBS). A … Continue reading

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