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New York Fed Throws Weight Behind Mortgage Buy Backs

As reported in Bloomberg, the Federal Bank of New York has announced that it is involved in “multiple efforts” to exercise its rights with respect to its holdings in faulty mortgages an other assets acquired through the bailouts of Bear … Continue reading

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Home Loan Bank Lawsuit May Signal Floodgates Opening For Investor Actions

As reported this week in the Wall Street Journal (article available here, with subscription), the Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle has filed separate lawsuits against 11 different Wall Street firms, alleging that it was misled about the quality of … Continue reading

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AMBAC Sues Bear Stearns Subsidiary For Shoddy Underwriting

Mortgage insurance company Ambac Assurance Corp. has become the latest plaintiff to bring a lawsuit against a mortgage originator for improper underwriting, suing Bear Stearns subsidiary EMC Mortgage Corp. in the United States District Court for the Southern District of … Continue reading

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Desperate to Stem Tide of the Credit Crisis, Fed and Treasury Propose What Could Be Largest Bailout in U.S. History. How Far Will the Fed Go?

In another desperate move to inject liquidity into the marketplace, the heads of the Fed and the Treasury began discussions with Congress late yesterday on legislation that would allow the Government to purchase hundreds of billions of dollars of depressed … Continue reading

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