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Federal Short Sale Programs Will Face Same Shortcoming As Workouts: Too Much Carrot, Not Enough Stick

With government-backed loan modification programs showing abysmal results, Washington has turned to short sales as the flavor of the week to ameliorate the foreclosure crisis.  Pursuant to the Treasury Department’s Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) initiative, effective April 5, loan … Continue reading

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Bondholders Considering Plan to Tell Servicers: "You’re Fired!"

With lawsuits against servicers grinding a slow path through the court system, investors are looking to make an end-run around the intransigent banks who are refusing to service mortgages in accordance with bondholder wishes. Their solution to break through the … Continue reading

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Not-So-Free Market: Group of Large Hedge Funds Expected to Sue FSA Over Short-Selling Ban

Thanks to Bryan Carter and the Tuscan Group for passing along this article on the litigation expected to arise from the U.K. regulator’s decision to ban short-selling for financial company stocks. On September 18, England’s Financial Services Authority (FSA) announced … Continue reading

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