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Investor Syndicate Fires Warning Shot Across Trustee Bows

As first reported by Reuters on Wednesday, and as further detailed by Bloomberg today, the Investor Syndicate has finally begun to emerge from the shadows and give securitization trustees a hint at what’s coming.  According to Talcott Franklin, the Dallas … Continue reading

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Loan File Issue Brought to Forefront By FHFA Subpoena

The battle being waged by bondholders over access to the loan files underlying their investments was brought into the national spotlight earlier this week, when the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), the regulator in charge of overseeing Fannie Mae and … Continue reading

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SEC Demands More Disclosure From JP Morgan on Repurchase Liabilities

By Manal Mehta, Guest Blogger The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently took a much needed step towards improving the transparency of bank balance sheets, particularly when it comes to the adequacy of reserves for mortgage repurchase obligations stemming from … Continue reading

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