Compass Point to Hold Follow-Up Call on Repurchase Risks

Compass Point Research & Trading is hosting a conference call tomorrow, May 11 at 11:00 AM Eastern to discuss recent developments in mortgage repurchase litigation.  For those interested in participating, the call-in number is 877.641.0093.  Compass Point’s Jason Stewart will be the moderator on the call.

A full version of the invitation is embedded below.  Compass’ last call and corresponding report from August 2010 garnered significant attention for its stark assessment of the potential repurchase liability facing the major banks and subprime lenders.

I will again be a featured expert on this call, along with Richard Barrent, the President and COO of the Barrent Group.  We will be discussing following topics before taking Q&A from participants:

  • The current threshold that needs to be met in order to receive rescission ‐ does causation of default need to be proven?
  • What are the differences, if any, in success ratios of rescission requests by loan category?
  • A discussion of the Maine Retirement system ruling on the de facto merger of Countrywide and Bank of America (BAC—NC).
  • Will the inclusion of Bank of New York Mellon (NK—NC) in the Walnut Place lawsuit cause trustees and investors to work more
    closely together?
  • What are the different stages of resolution by investor category? Has the Bank of America (BAC—NC) and Assured Guaranty (AGO—
    NC) settlement changed the landscape?
  • Does some type of structured settlement make sense as the ultimate resolution?

Based on the turnout for the last call and the media attention it received, I expect this call to be well-attended and feature some great questions and insights from the speakers and participants.  I will be available in the coming days for follow-up consultations on these topics, as well.  Hope to hear some readers of The Subprime Shakeout on the call tomorrow.  Looking forward to it!

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