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MBS Lawsuit Drivers Part II: Two More Reasons Why MBS Cases Should Jump in 2011

by Josh Silverman, guest blogger Mortgage-backed securities (“MBS”) litigation should expand this year, as Isaac Gradman correctly pointed out on The Subprime Shakeout in his Top 5 Reasons That MBS Lawsuits Are Just Beginning.   The sheer number of lawsuits continues … Continue reading

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Center For Responsible Lending Publishes Report Linking Failures of WaMu and IndyMac to Poor OTS Oversight

The Center for Responsible Lending (CRL), a non-profit, non-partisan research and policy organization, has released a report that begins to shed some light on the role that lax regulation played in the mortgage meltdown of the last year and a … Continue reading

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Plaintiffs Survive Motions to Dismiss in Major Subprime Class Actions Against New Century and Countrywide

The American Lawyer has reported that two important rulings were handed down earlier this month in the United States District Court in Los Angeles denying motions to dismiss class actions against former mortgage behemoths Countrywide and New Century. The Countrywide … Continue reading

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Countrywide Sued by New Mexico Pension and Investment Funds

The Chicago Times reports that Countrywide has been sued on behalf of New Mexico’s state Investment Council, the Educational Retirement Board and the Public Employees Retirement Association for both conning homeowners into mortgages they could not afford and duping investors … Continue reading

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