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Is Foreclosure Settlement Déjà Vu All Over Again?

Today, the Attorneys General of 49 states (with Oklahoma being the lone holdout) announced a record $26 billion settlement with the nation’s five largest servicers over false and fraudulent foreclosure practices like robosigning.  That big number looks great on paper, … Continue reading

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BofA and Countrywide Appeal Order Allowing MBIA Vicarious Liability Claim To Proceed

In a move that could have dramatic consequences for the financial stability of Bank of America (BofA), a New York state court judge has held that monoline bond insurer MBIA can go forward with claims that BofA be held vicariously … Continue reading

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Subprime Shakeout Discussed in Volokh Conspiracy Post On Formation of Aggregator Bank

On January 19, 2009, Eric Posner from the Volokh Conspiracy cited to the Subprime Shakeout in his article entitled “Why should the government buy toxic assets?” The post addressed the idea of an “Aggregator Bank” that would acquire the mortgage-backed … Continue reading

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William Frey and David Grais Appear on Fox News to Defend Greenwich Suit Against Countrywide

Greenwich Financial Services CEO William Frey and his attorney, David Grais, of Grais & Ellsworth LLP appeared on Fox News on Tuesday to answer questions about their lawsuit against Countrywide (see other postings on this story). In the segment, linked … Continue reading

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Potential Jurors Unfriendly to Mortgage Lenders?

As reported by Peter Page in the National Law Journal (subscription required), a survey completed earlier this month of adults eligible for jury service found that potential jurors overwhelmingly held plaintiff-oriented perceptions with respect to suits against mortgage lenders. “Nearly … Continue reading

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