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Is Foreclosure Settlement Déjà Vu All Over Again?

Today, the Attorneys General of 49 states (with Oklahoma being the lone holdout) announced a record $26 billion settlement with the nation’s five largest servicers over false and fraudulent foreclosure practices like robosigning.  That big number looks great on paper, … Continue reading

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Citigroup Becomes First Lender to Cave to Mortgage Principal Reductions by Bankruptcy Judges

It’s official: the first domino has fallen. The L.A. Times has reported that Citigroup Inc. has agreed that bankruptcy courts should be allowed to change the terms of mortgages, including ordering reductions in the principal amount of loans, as part … Continue reading

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Countrywide Attorney Sends Letter to Greenwich Financial’s Counsel Urging Hedge Fund to Withdraw Lawsuit

In a peculiar turn of events, Countrywide Financial has attempted to address the recently-filed lawsuit against it by Greenwich Financial Services with an age-old strategy of conflict resolution: just ask nicely. As reported by Reuters, Countrywide attorney John Beisner, from … Continue reading

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Details of Greenwich v. Countrywide Emerge

An article published on Monday in Business Week (available here) sheds some additional light on the lawsuit filed by Hedge Fund Greenwich Financial Services against Countrywide challenging its agreement to conduct large-scale loan modifications (previously discussed here, here, and here). … Continue reading

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Greenwich v. Countrywide Complaint Now Available

Here is the Complaint brought by Grais & Ellsworth on behalf of hedge fund Greenwich Financial Services against Countrywide Financial Corp., Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. and Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP (all now part of Bank of America) in the … Continue reading

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