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Wells Fargo Sues EMC as Trustees Start Playing Ball with RMBS Investors; Servicers Still Holding Out

Will we look back at this point in the mortgage crisis fallout as the turning point for RMBS investors?  With the news that Wells Fargo, as securitization trustee, has sued EMC Mortgage in Delaware Chancery Court over loan files, trustee … Continue reading

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PIMCO, BlackRock, New York Fed To Demand That BofA Repuchase Faulty Non-Agency Mortgages

Private label residential mortgage backed securities (RMBS) investors, including BlackRock, PIMCO, and the New York Fed, are expected to join MetLife, Inc. in its efforts to force BofA to repurchase defective subprime and Alt-A mortgage loans originated by Countrywide and … Continue reading

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Strange Bedfellows: Barney Frank’s Falling Out With Wall Street Leaves Him Aligned With Former Nemesis

I have seen some strange things during my time covering the mortgage crisis, but this one may beat them all. On August 20, 2010, representative Barney Frank (D-MA) sent a letter to Barack Obama, urging the President to appoint a … Continue reading

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New York Fed Throws Weight Behind Mortgage Buy Backs

As reported in Bloomberg, the Federal Bank of New York has announced that it is involved in “multiple efforts” to exercise its rights with respect to its holdings in faulty mortgages an other assets acquired through the bailouts of Bear … Continue reading

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Investor Syndicate Fires Warning Shot Across Trustee Bows

As first reported by Reuters on Wednesday, and as further detailed by Bloomberg today, the Investor Syndicate has finally begun to emerge from the shadows and give securitization trustees a hint at what’s coming.  According to Talcott Franklin, the Dallas … Continue reading

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