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Guest Post: The Migratory Patterns of Yield-Hungry Investors

Editor’s Note: in this guest post, former bond insurance insider Steve Ruterman discusses important considerations for investing in private label MBS beyond credit risk analysis, including how investors can benefit from understanding the differences in servicer behavior and business models.  … Continue reading

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Way Too Big to Fail Goes to Washington (Book Tour Day 3)

After a hiatus over the holidays, I return with Part IV of this five-part series on my experiences during a recent book tour to promote the release of Way Too Big to Fail: How Government and Private Industry Can Build … Continue reading

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Rakoff’s Rejection of SEC Settlement with Citi Sends Stern Message to Wall Street’s Primary Regulator

Two days after the release of one of the most scathing judicial opinions in recent memory, the importance of federal Judge Jed Rakoff’s rejection of the SEC’s $285 million settlement with Citigroup is just beginning to sink in.  In just … Continue reading

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Release of “Way Too Big to Fail” Simply Opening Salvo in Efforts to Reform Mortgage Finance

It’s tempting when you have an enormous task before you to focus all of your attention on completing that task while blocking out any thoughts of what comes next.  For me, that enormous task has been the publication of a … Continue reading

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Say It Ain’t So: SEC Charges "Shoeless" Goldman Sachs With Setting Up CDO To Fail

In a move that represents a significant and unexpected expansion in U.S. regulators’ efforts to crack down on Wall Street, the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) has charged Goldman Sachs, Wall Street’s most powerful bank, with fraud over its marketing … Continue reading

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